Ep. 29 | The Singing Guru with Kamla Kapur
<p>Through the stories she tells, Kamla Kapur breathes life into the legends of great mystics and the poetry of saints. I first encountered her work some years ago through reading her wonderful book, The Singing Guru. Here, she beautifully reimagines the tales of the great North Indian saint, and first Guru of the Sikhs, Baba Nanak. </p> <p>I must say, listening to her speak is as lovely as reading her evocative style of storytelling!  In this episode of the podcast, we discuss her work, the transcendent legacy of Guru Nanak, and the beautiful Sikh spirit which blossomed forth from his life.</p> <p>Kamla Kapur is an author, playwright, and poet with multiple critically acclaimed books published in the USA and India. To learn more, visit her website at</p>
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