Framing 2020 is a briefing for independent voters. It advances the principles of statesmanship over those of partisan politics. It advocates for authentic democracy and focuses on unpacking many of the issues that tend to be oversimplified or ignored by career politicians. This Introduction is the first episode in an eight part series. It is available as audio through a free podcast subscription at where transcripts and other educational materials are also available. To the extent it provides a deep dive into the most vital issues, Framing 2020 is intended as a resource for those sincerely concerned about the future. It was casually yet effectively crowd sourced over the water cooler, across the dinner table during meetups, and on about twenty-five hundred ride-share treks. It was written to help each of us better articulate positions that are important to those who care about what the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States have advanced.
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