Uzi Even: I Am Slowly Being Forgotten
Uzi Even changed the laws (and subsequently the lives) of everything single LGBTQ person in Israel and now that he's retired from political life, his contributions are slowly being forgotten.Uzi talks about how his 1993 testimony at the Knesset (Israeli parliament) lead to the government changing the law to allow queer people to serve openly in the military, how his marriage and subsequent divorce set a legal precedent by being the first of each to be legally recognized, and the adoption of his son was the first by a same-sex couple to be recognized in Israel. This is the second episode of our four-part series on queerness and Jewish life. Check out the first episode with Rabbi Denise Eger. LGBTQ&A is hosted by Jeffrey Masters and produced by Neon Hum Media and The Advocate [italicized]. Go to the for more.
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