Episode 84: The Writers Life in Barcelona
A warehouse toward the edge of Barcelona. On the loading dock they smoke cigarettes sprinkled with hash, and drink beers from plastic cups. Inside, a hundred or so people stand toward the stage, nodding thoughtfully to a mashup hiphop and acid jazz. Beards, knit hats, urban scarfs. This is a early-aughts reunion episode, starting with this concert, the one-night revival of long-dormant open-mic series from years ago in Barcelona. One of the MC’s who used to frequent those nights years and years ago is back on the mic. It’s Matt Goulding, who still calls Barcelona home, and is still writing, is writing, at least part of the time, as my partner and co-founder at Roads & Kingdoms.I’ve had a lot of drinks and lot of conversations with Matt over the years—it’s chief economic activity of Roads & Kingdoms. So we had, for this episode in my rental apartment in the Gothic Quarter, a lot of options. What we ended up drinking—a porrón of white wine—and what we ended up talking about—how to be a writer—seemed just about perfect to me.Show notes: Roads & Kingdoms
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